Helping Disciples




Forward is a transformational course built on essential biblical principles to help you take your relationship with Jesus to the next level.


Hearing God

Develop an ear for God’s truth


Finding Breakthrough

Uncover the roots of mistakes and bad habits


Clear Identity

Discover who you are in Christ


Spiritual Hunger

Experience the fullness of God


The advantages

Being connected to a network of learners and leaders is invaluable. Our goal is to equip you to lead well in all spheres of life—at home, work, and church. Join the community!

Structured Curriculum

Every course is curated for an optimal learning experience.

Experienced Leaders

Learn from experienced, highly trained and certified instructors.

Practice Oriented

Learn how to put your skills into action.

Get certifications

Gain certification in certain areas of study.

Be part of the online community

You won’t be alone! Learn virtually alongside others.

Technology, Learn Anywhere

Connect online and learn no matter where you are in the world!

Impacting nations Reconciling cultures
Building families Transforming communities Transforming communities Reconciling cultures Impacting nations Reconciling cultures