No matter who you are or where you are, everyone is called to move forward. Forward Basics consists of four transformational sessions that will challenge you to reach the next level in your relationship with Jesus. These four sessions will prepare you for the FORWARD Weekend Experience, where we come together in-person for a two-day, life-changing event that takes place only three times a year.

Includes lifetime access
# Lessons
Hearing God
Develop an ear for God’s truth, discover new ways to hear from Him, and enhance your dialogue with Him.
Sabotage Cycle
Uncover the roots of your mistakes and bad habits, and break the life cycles that are holding you back.
Discover who you are in Christ and walk in your true identity as a child of God.
Appetite for the Eternal
Explore the ways you were made to experience the fullness of all your needs in Christ.

Instructors on this course

  • Israel Piotter
    Forward Pastor
  • Sonia Piotter
    Trauma Care Director
  • Johnson Bowie
    Lead Pastor
  • Summer Bowie
    Lead Pastor